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Now In: Fiber Optic Track (FOT)

Fiber Optic Track (FOT)

Product dimensions and characteristics:

Flexible, optically clear, plastic, UV-protected track. If desired, it is used for mounting of fiber optic cable (FOC). Comes with adhesive tape backing, detachable wings.

Placement guidelines: Track can be mounted via attached double-sided tape. To obtain optimal adhesion with tape, the surface must be clean, dry, well-unified. For harsh conditions it is recommended to utilize various hardware such as: self tapping screw, staples or adhesive sealants.

FOT can be used for mounting of fiber optic cable (FOC) or as a stand alone product for your wiring support on the walls.

Minimum fiber optic track for sale is 10 feet = 3.048 meters with 5ft. increments

FOT weight varies from 1.25 lbs. for 25 ft. to 10 lbs. for 200 ft.

Installation of Fiber Optic Track

To determine the length of track and fiber (where applicable), please measure the perimeter you wish to light.

Install the track along the area you wish to light. Cut the track with sharp scissors or razor cutters to fit where needed. Please leave 1 inch of space uncovered by track before every corner (for areas with corners).

Our FOT is a flexible channel but it can be deformed if bent to 90 degrees or more.

FOT is a channel for the fiber optic cable that can be used as a whole or modified by removing of wings if necessary for the narrow surfaces.

The track comes with the double-sided tape that helps to hold it temporarily. Remove the backing of the tape. In addition, for wet locations we recommend staple gun or Silicone Adhesive Sealant for outdoor use. Apply a small bead of silicone adhesive sealant along the length of the track. Press gently along the length of the track.

It is important to clean the surface you wish to attach to the track for proper adhesion. Gently wipe excess silicone adhesive sealant away for a clean look.

Fiber Optic Track (FOT)

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